State Wraps



Why state wraps?


Premium material

State Wraps are made from premium 2 mil cast vinyl - conventional wraps use 4 mil “bumper sticker” material that weighs twice as much. Weight matters - especially on the back end. What is a “Mil”? It is a measure of thickness equal to 1/1000th of an inch. State Wraps are half the thickness and weight of conventional wraps.

Here’s another fun fact about our premium material: The adhesive backing allows air bubbles to escape as the wrap is applied. Less trapped air = better adhesion and performance.

Look closely at the State Wrap (left) and the conventional wrap (right). Notice the difference? You will when you try State Wraps for the first time!

In addition to better adhesion performance, State Wraps adhesive can also be easily removed with heat from a hair dryer or heat gun with little to no residue left behind.

Great wraps for a great price

We believe that every archer deserves a premium wrap for a reasonable price. Whether you are a sponsored athlete competing on national circuits, a skilled hunter, or a new member of the obsession called archery, we are here to provide the finest products to enhance your experience.

We love archery.